Introducing Štúdium

Let’s see, where do I begin? How do I summarize this?

Over the past, much of the work I’ve produced has been temporary. Rather that work be for a client or myself, there’s always been a “shelf life”. Of course the work still exists within the world, but it’s been fleeting. 

Within the desire for meaningful longevity, Štúdium was born. The foundation for Štúdium is based in education - something very important to me. I wanted a channel that I could constantly communicate through, a channel that allowed me to express myself through a myriad of mediums, all while building a community in the process. Products, experiences, etc. put through this unique educational lens. Encouraging and inspiring our community to learn through these products and brand experiences.

My ancestors on my mom's side are Czechoslovakian. The inspiration behind the brand name “Štúdium” comes from this heritage, being Slovak for “study”. From the start, the intentionality and purpose of this brand has remained at the forefront throughout every step. Štúdium is made for the curious. It’s a contemporary approach to education through design, utilizing experiences and product to inspire and make us think. It’s a studious lifestyle embedded in the arts, exploration, and learning. Štúdium is made to be simple, intentional, and approachable - all while having no real limitations to what we can or can’t do.

This journey and “first semester” of getting Štúdium off the ground is about meeting people where they’re at. Building a community with people who are on their own journeys. Learning together to ultimately “get the grade”. Štúdium is a brand, yes, but it’s also more or less an ever evolving thesis.

I hope you enjoy what’s in store. Welcome to the Undergrad Club.


DeShawn Oravetz

Founder, Creative Director